Dr. Dewey​ Gardner

  1. Bringing Sons to Glory
    "Bringing Sons to Glory" is intended to help believers realize who they are in Christ and challenge them to "forsake all" and follow Him. In this volume, you will be challenged, humbled, elated and in awe at the price which was paid for your redemption and the glory to which you are called. In Bringing Sons to Glory, you will find answers to questions such as: • Why did God create man fallible • Why does a sovereign God allow suffering and sorrow • Why is Satan allowed on Earth • How do believers overcome • Why must Jesus reign on Earth • Can believers live Holy lives in this World • Why does the Bible say God loves the World and yet command believers not to love the World
  2. What on Earth is God Doing for Heavens Sake
    "What are we here for and what is everything all about?" Small questions that require a big response thought Sam Baird, as his son John asks him these questions. Given what the eight year-old had recently experienced, his mother's death from cancer, Sam knew that questions about life and death would come about. Yet this was just the start of a life-changing adventure into God, Jesus and Biblical scripture for both Sam and John in the Christian novel, "The Answer to Life's Questions," by Dewey Gardner. As the two begin to find answers in the Bible pertaining to God's plan for redemption and becoming new creations in Jesus Christ, Dewey uses their in depth conversations to unveil valuable lessons about God's purposes for life. As the father teaches his son about God, Dewey instructs readers on the truths for why God allows suffering and getting abundant life, free from sin, through Jesus.